clean energy

Rimadesio production plants are powered by solar energy. More than that, the company has begun a virtuous journey to internally manage the power in excess. Industrial production can be planned, but the intensity of the sunlight isn’t. Thus the amount of energy produced that isn’t used immediately is stored for a later use. It’s a far more efficient solution than the one that is commonly adopted, which calls for the introduction of the energy in the public network and a later recovery of it. An innovative choice, based on the new technology of the latest generation lithium batteries, which has led to the first large scale power storage plant in Europe at industrial level.

1,3 MWp total power of the photovoltaic system
237 kW storage capacity of the lithium battery
1,5 million kWh annual solar energy produced
800 tons of CO2 saved annually in the atmosphere

lacquered glass and aluminum

Ecolorsystem is the name that distinguishes the exclusive collection of Rimadesio matte lacquers, made on metal, wood and plastic components. They are ecological colors because they are produced using only the latest generation water paints baked at 70º. Corrosion resistance of water-based paint is in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9227 regulation. Resistance to temperature leaps of water-based paint is in compliance with UNI 9429 regulation. Resistance to the detachment of the water-based paint layer verified with a grid test before and after the ageing process in compliance with UNI EN ISO 2409 regulation. Resistance to wear by rubbing of the water-based paint layer in compliance with Catas procedures. Resistance to cleaners of water-based paint in compliance with EN 12720 regulation.

ecological packaging

Rimadesio solely uses recyclable packaging in compliance with Legislative Decree 22/97, which recognizes the European Directive 94/62/EC. The structural parts of the packaging, previously made of wood, have been replaced by U angle brackets and profiles, made entirely of corrugated cardboard: a cutting-edge solution that uses 100% recyclable material and ensures maximum content protection during transport, solving, at the same time, the major problems related to the disposal of wooden protective frames. The transparent surface protection film is composed of high quality virgin polymers, which do not release solvents or any other dangerous substance during combustion and therefore are 100% recyclable. Boxes are produced in the company, using continuous module equipment that produces only the daily quantity that is actually needed, tailor-made and just-in-time.