One-hundred twenty square metres of space on one of the most travelled streets in Florence, Ponte alle Mosse, which is turning into a sort of “design district” in the city. 
The exposition project, done by the architect Tiziana Valtorta, uses the Rimadesio sliding doors to create four possible proposals for interiors: a dining area, a living area, a bedroom and an office space.  The result is an immediate view of the exceptional range of the company collection, enhanced by the strong presence of the colour white on walls and furnishings, which helps accent the lighting of the store layout.

opening time:
tue-sat 10 a.m.-13 p.m. 15.30 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Via Ponte alle Mosse 104r, 50144 Firenze
tel. +39 055 357621

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